March 2017 Fly Fishing Report by Broker Scott Williams

I fished Highbridge section today with good results from about 11:00 to
1:00pm.  I still didn’t see any surface takes but the viciousness of the
strikes along with observing the fish higher in the water column were good
signs!  I caught several little ones plus some pretty fat medium-sized ones.
All hit nymphs but unlike earlier in the season, they were hitting the upper
nymph instead of the lower one.  (Maybe my lower one just didn’t look very
good!)  I did not catch as many as I might in that first week after the
major blowout subsides.  However, for March fishing, it was pretty good
today.  Also, the color of the rainbow trout is beginning to get beautiful.
Soon they’ll be spawning and the color will be even more dramatic


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