Pilot Program Route Clarification by Hinsdale County

OHV Pilot Program route clarification

On March 18, 2021, Colorado Department of Transportation Commission approved an application from
Hinsdale County and Town of Lake City to permit OHVs to travel on a portion of State Highway 149
during the summer seasons of 2021, 2022, and 2023.
The portion of SH149 that will be open to OHV travel is the same as in 2020, from County Road 30 (MM
69.88) south of Lake City to the Ocean Wave Drive intersection (MM 72.11) in Lake City. It was
previously reported that the Ocean Wave Drive intersection is located at MM 73.11. This was
OHVs will be permitted to operate on this section of SH149 beginning on the Friday before Memorial
Day through September 30 each year.
To restate, OHVs will be allowed to operation on SH149 from MM 69.88 (CR 30 intersection) to MM
72.11 (Ocean Wave Drive intersection). OHVs will not be permitted to ride on any other areas of the
highway at any time outside the boundaries of the program.

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