Emergency Flooding Information for Lake City

May 28, 2019
This is regarding the Emergency Status Updates for the possibility of Flooding in Lake City.
The best way to keep informed with the most accurate and up-to-date information are the following:
  1. Sign up for the CodeRed App on your phone.
  2. Can call the Public Information number at 970-648-4118.
  3. Check the www.facebook.com/hinsdalecountycolorado page for daily updates. (You do NOT have to have a facebook account.)
  4. Check the Hinsdale County Website at www.hinsdalecountycolorado.us
We currently have multiple local and state agencies assisting with preparations and they are doing an amazing job.
Please keep yourself informed with accurate information.

Hinsdale County Office of Emergency Management Update May 7, 2019

This morning, the Hinsdale County Board of Commissioners ratified a local disaster declaration due to post avalanche events impacting some of our waterways. Avalanche activity combined with annual runoff has caused debris blockage.

Yesterday, Governor Polis verbally authorized an executive order for a state of emergency that enables the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and the Colorado State Emergency Operations Center to provide planning support and staffing for a multi-agency coordination group as Hinsdale County lessens the severity of post-avalanche impacts.

The Hinsdale County Road & Bridge crew has cleared one lane to Capitol City.  However, the narrow makeup of the canyon in the Klondike slide area the river, road and snowmelt has caused a buildup of debris.   Local, regional, and state representatives are visiting the site today to determine next steps to avoid the road washing out.   Currently, the gate above Snowden’s Meadow remains closed to vehicular traffic.

Join Hinsdale County and the Town of Lake City for a public briefing at 5 p.m. Wednesday, May 8th, at the Armory.    The audio of the briefing will be posted on-line and the event may occur on Facebook Live, if capabilities allow.

Follow Hinsdale County Facebook page or website for updates.

Sign up for Code Red Alerts on the Hinsdale County website.   If you need assistance signing up, please visit the Silver Thread Public Health District.

Klondike Slide and County Road 20

Lake City News – May 2019 – Night Skies

Because of its remote location, Lake City is well suited for great stargazing opportunities. On a clear night, one can marvel at the moon, planets, constellations, and other spectacular phenomena of our universe. Certainly, a good set of binoculars or telescope will enhance your “up close” viewing.

One of the best places in Lake City to view the stars is The Slumgullion Discovery Center, a sixty-acre parcel of land located 3 miles south of Lake City.

The Lake Fork Valley Conservancy (LFVC) staff and local volunteers are currently preparing an extensive application with the International Dark-Sky Association to have the proposed Slumgullion Discovery Center designated as a Dark Sky Park.  A Dark Sky Park is one of six designations identified by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). IDA is an award-winning organization that was established in 2002 to recognize and promote areas that provide excellent stewardship of the night sky.

Night-sky photography is also getting very popular, and the internet – particularly Instagram – is full of stunning images of star fields and the Milky Way. They may look like highly polished images taken by photographers with years of experience, but it’s actually advances in modern cameras that are the main reason for the genre’s sudden popularity.

If you have a camera with a good deal of manual control and a clear sky, taking pictures of the night sky is much easier than you might think. Check out our tips for photographing the night sky. 

Watching for meteors, one of the best astronomy activities in Lake City, is absolutely free and requires nothing more than patience, the naked eye, and mostly clear sky conditions. Although they last only seconds, meteors are always fun to watch as they streak across the sky. And, there are times a fireball (a very large meteor) may flash above. There will be an abundant variety of astronomical events in 2019. 

Above information copied from www.lakecity.com/activities page.

Hinsdale County Office of Emergency Management Update April 8, 2019

Monday April 8 – Hinsdale County Sheriff’s Office has lifted the closure order – at least to foot traffic – on County Road 20 beyond the ATV staging area. The Road & Bridge Department will continue to work to clear debris in this area.

Visitors travel at their own risk and are encouraged to remain aware of surroundings and hazards typical of a high-snow year.

San Juan Ranch Estates Fishing Update March 17, 2019 by Scott Williams

“Fishing at San Juan Ranch today was great.  Another and I caught a number of
fish including an absolutely gorgeous 22″ rainbow that he did a patient
job of landing and releasing safely.

That place fishes great and with water temperatures in the low 40’s, the
fish actually had some fight in them today.

Like last week, small, copper-colored nymphs worked quite well.  He used a
dry/dropper system and I a traditional strike indicator/nymph set-up.  We
both caught a number of fish.

The most difficult part was simply getting TO the river today due to the
prodigious snow amounts on the banks this year (as you can see from the

Hope you’re all getting ready to get up here and get out on the river.”

Posted with permission by Scott Williams. Photo courtesy of Scott Williams.

Hinsdale County Office of Emergency Management Update April 3, 2019

It may not feel like it yet, but spring thaw is here… With thaw comes run off and the potential for flooding. If you are a property owner in an area prone to high water or flooding, consider call about flood insurance TODAY! Is your property flood insurance in force and up to date? Flood insurance must be in place at least one month prior to an event, so call TODAY.

What is covered by your flood insurance?
Have you taken steps to prepare your property for flooding?
Are there items that could be moved to higher points on your property on in your home in case of a flood?
Have you and your family identified where you would go and what you would take should you need to evacuate?

Hinsdale County Office of Emergency Management Update April 4, 2019

At the April 3 BOCC meeting, Resolution #5 was approved by Commissioners Borchers, Thompson and Whinnery to terminate the local Avalanche Disaster Emergency Declaration, effective April 3.

Undersheriff Chris Kambish lifted the closure order on the Waterdog Trail.

By order of the Sheriff’s Office, County Road 20 remains closed beyond the ATV Staging Area.

By order of the Sheriff’s Office, County Road 30 remains closed beyond Wager Gulch.

Recovery efforts are underway to address impacts from recent emergencies.

Hinsdale County Office of Emergency Management March 16 Update

Hinsdale County Office of Emergency Management
7:50 pm March 16
A Comnet technician conducted testing in Lake City this evening. They believe all issues with the 911 system have been resolved.
The Hinsdale County coroner confirmed the fatality reported yesterday was not avalanche related.
More permanent barriers were installed in several areas today by Hinsdale County Road & Bridge.
Clearing work continues on the McJunkin / Hammonds Meadows slide.
The Town of Lake City has cleared all fire hydrants except those that are flagged due to non-disaster related maintenance issues.
Mineral County’s Sheriff’s department provided relief assistance in Hinsdale County today.
The emergency operations center is transitioning to remote staffing at 5:30 p.m. for the remainder of the weekend.
Follow Hinsdale County Facebook page or website for updates.
Sign up for Code Red Alerts on the Hinsdale County website

Lake City Avalanche Information Public Meeting March 15, 2019

Image may contain: text that says 'AVALANCHE INFORMATION MEETING TODAY! A public information meeting about the current avalanche situation will be held at the Armory today, Friday, March 15th at 4:00 pm. Avalanche conditions in and around Lake City will be discussed as well as emergency operations, areas of concerns and avalanche preparedness.'

Hinsdale County Avalanche Update March 15, 2019, 10:00 am

Hinsdale County Office of Emergency Management
12 mins ·
10 a.m. March 15, 2019:
On Thursday, March 14, Hinsdale County Sheriff’s Office and Search and Rescue initiated a backcountry welfare check. Search efforts continue as conditions allow.
Hinsdale County is receiving assistance in the search this morning from Wolf Creek Ski Patrol.
Mandatory evacuations remain in place for:
• All of County Road 30 beyond the Highway 149 intersection
• All of County Road 20 beyond the Ice Climb staging wall
• the Monte Queen subdivision
• the 400 block of Bluff Street on the west side
• the damaged home impacted by the Station 11 slide
Limited access for evacuees to their property is permitted ONLY through the Rapid Tag process. Evacuees should go to the Coursey Annex behind the sheriff’s office to find out the required procedures.
Anyone violating the Mandatory evacuation orders will be prosecuted.
Areas of concern are locations where residents should stay inside and minimize outdoor activity. Avoid areas between buildings and slopes. Be prepared to evacuate and continue to monitor conditions.
Areas of concern include:
• All areas of Bluff Street
• Primrose Lane
• Waterdog trail drainage
• Water tower hill (Vine Street)
Residents NOT LOCATED IN AREAS OF CONCERN needing to clear roofs should use proper tools with two people for safety and accountability. Falling snow can cause serious injury or death. Stay off the roof or consider hiring professionals.
Residents should clear snow and ice away from all outdoor vents, chimneys, and flues, thereby reducing the potential for Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Whenever possible, use a broom instead of a shovel in order to not damage your propane system components.
Clear snow and ice from around your propane tank. If the pipes freeze and crack, gas can pool in the snow, causing it to become an ignition source, creating a potentially dangerous situation.
Priorities for today include:
• Incidents as they occur
• Search efforts in the Silver Coin slide region
• Continued debris removal from the Gladiator slide
• Access to the Tristate substation
• Initial assessment of damaged house in Lake City Heights
• Continue clearing access to fire hydrants
The following three environmental conditions may impact avalanche risk:
1) Rain on snow events
2) Rapid warming of 2-3 days of overnight non-freezing temperatures
3) Another large snow event
Hinsdale County is hosting a public meeting at the Armory at 4:00 p.m. today.
Follow this page or www.hinsdalecountycolorado.us for updates.
Sign up for Code Red Emergency Notifications at https://public.coderedweb.com/CNE/en-US/BF7ED953CC69.
Current avalanche forecasts and information can be obtained at https://avalanche.state.co.us/


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