C. Hill, Landrum, SC

“I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate your business model and the relationships I have developed with the staff at Hall Realty. The first time I visited Lake City was 18 years ago and I have been coming back periodically since the early 1990’s. Subsequently, I purchased property at two locations in the town using Hall Realty as my real estate broker. The experience was very pleasant – it was like being in my home town among friends. Last year I decided to build a cabin in Lake City. After investigating the logistics of building, I decided to sell my property and purchase a cabin. One of your brokers found a cabin in a few weeks, which I purchased. Again, the people in your company made these transactions easy and enjoyable. Their support during this process was immeasurable and it continues to this day. I feel welcomed and respected every time I drop in to see them. I cannot say enough about the professional, yet humane, way you treat your clients. I am always noticing how people who have done business with your company are always dropping in to chat. You have accomplished a remarkable thing for a business – providing an atmosphere that feels like “family” and making sure that business is conducted in a competent manner. Your company is certainly an asset to the community of Lake City. It has been for the 19 years I have been visiting there – this is an extraordinary accomplishment as well. Maintaining this balance for well over two decades is to be commended. Thank you.”

B. & T. Houchin, Naples, FL

“Happy 30th Anniversary!!!! Our congratulations to Danielle, Jeff and the entire Hall Realty family. Tammy and I would like to thank all of you for making us feel like a part of that “family”. As you may remember, we began looking for mountain property several years ago. Our search began in Montana and we got as far south as Durango, Colorado. While in Durango, I was flipping thru some real estate magazines and noticed a picture of Lake San Cristobal in a Hall Realty advertisement. We had no idea where Lake City was located so I called your office and the current owner told me. Since we had to fly out of Denver in a few days we decided to head to Lake City and look around. The owner met with us and we spent several days trying to take it all in. What a beautiful place………and what wonderful people. Since that time Tammy and I have bought a house, sold it, bought another piece of property, had a new house built and recently sold it. We have met many of the local residents and have made many new friends. Hall Realty goes way beyond being just another real estate office…..you become part of the “family”. Hall Realty is the reason we found Lake City and the “family” atmosphere is the reason we will stay in Lake City! You are very special to us and we are blessed to be able to call you our friends.”

H.J. Eppler, Rice, TX.

“In the past ten years I have had at least five or six experiences dealing with Hall Realty and the agent being the Blue Mesa Broker Associate each time.  Each experience was pleasant and very professional.  The agent was very helpful and showed great knowledge of handling problems great or small as they sometimes arise during different phases of the transactions.  If I had a question about the dealings she was always available for help and keeping me informed  as to the status of the deal . I will be using Hall Realty  in the future without hesitation.”

Realtor, Equal Housing, MLS