J. & T. Jesko, Arlington, TX

“Thank you for the excellent customer service everyone at Hall has provided to us…Of course, we are especially grateful for our relationship with Donna Bohnsack.  We first started looking at Lake City properties in September of 2007.  I really don’t know how many homes and lots Donna showed us until we purchased a home last year [2011], but I know we must surely have exhausted her patience!  If we did, however, she never showed it in even the slightest way and even more meaningful to us, she persistently expended incredible effort in helping us find just the right place.

She was diligent in fully understanding what we wanted and what we could afford.  She showed us properties within those parameters and didn’t try to impose on us anything else.  Simply stated, she was dedicated to meeting our needs without being pushy to accomplish her own purposes.  Clearly, she knows the market there like the back of her hand and was dutiful to keep us informed as any new properties came on the market.  Though our primary residence is hundreds of miles away, she has always been just a phone call or e-mail away.

I’m not sure I’ve ever known anyone who works any harder than Donna or goes about her work in a more professional way.  She is friendly, knowledgeable, conscientious, client-centered, diligent, thorough and focused…but never over-bearing or impatient.  We greatly admire all of those characteristics but what we appreciate most is her honesty.  I am hard-pressed to adequately convey to you how much we value that virtue in her.  She has consistently proven herself to have honesty beyond reproach and has diligently conducted herself with total integrity.  Not only do we consider her our realtor, we also think of her as a friend.

We are big fans of Hall Realty, Inc., and of Donna Bohnsack.  We simply could not be more pleased and are both grateful and honored to have had our real estate needs met throuth Hall and Donna!”

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